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Wright Brothers Pictures
"My husband had the four lithographs framed for me as a birthday present. They are beautiful."
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We are proud to offer these historic lithographs. The original pictures were taken 100 years ago with the Wright Brothers own camera. They have been restored to their original pristine state and printed in an archival four-color process on acid-free matte paper. Each of the lithographs print is 12" x 16" with an image area of 8 1/4" x 11", and includes a "shadow box" pseudo-matte printed right on the lithograph making matting optional. The same lithographs are available elsewhere on the web for $70/set and up. 

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First Flight:  

Possibly the best known picture of an airplane ever taken. It shows Orville Wright taking off on the historic first successful powered flight with Wilbur Wright running alongside. John Daniels, a friend of the brothers, took the photo. Until now, damage to the left side of the negative prevented printing the whole picture. Now, you can see it the way it was taken.

Tate Gives Chase:

Perhaps the rarest of the four Wright Brothers pictures as well as the most beautiful. The original negative is so badly damaged that it is literally hard to look at, but the picture under all the damage is not only historically important, but is an artistic tour-de-force as well. Give Orville Wright credit for this spectacular photograph. 

Wilbur Flies the Glider:

A beautiful picture by Orville of Wilbur Wright piloting the Glider (the immediate precursor to the Wright Flyer) off of Hill #2 at Kitty Hawk. This picture was severely damaged in the flood of 1913 and has rarely been seen until now. Fully restored, it is a charming and elegant photograph in its own right.

Orville at the Controls:

Unusual because the original negative no longer exists, this image was scanned from one of the Wright Brothers own prints. It presents a charming view of Orville Wright piloting the Flyer over the pasture near Dayton where the brothers did much of their testing and perfecting after Kitty Hawk. Wilbur Wright was the photographer.


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